We Are Waking The Sleeping Giant

Liverpool 2006-2012


    When first we heard the Giant story, it came to us in a dream. And the funny thing was, it was hard for us to remember that much after the dream slipped away. All that we could recall was this:

There are twelve ancient Giants sleeping throughout the world. One of them is in Liverpool and it’s dreaming as it sleeps. It’s dreaming a dream of waking up, and all the people of Liverpool and everyone coming to visit there are part of the Giant’s dreaming. The Giant is calling to all of us to help it awake, and the very fact that you’re hearing this now and I’m telling it to you just goes to show that the time of the Giant’s awakening is drawing near.

    That little bit was all we remembered - clearly just the very beginning of something much larger in shape and size. Hard for us to realize what the whole story might actually be and what it could lead to eventually. But even this very smallest bit was very exciting, at least to us. We knew we had to find out more, so in October 2006 we made our way to Liverpool to enter into the story ourselves.